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Welcome to where we are perfectly imperfect… together!

Join me as we embrace the mess of motherhood, work and, relationships (aka life), because having it all together is cool


hey there!

I'm Jen

I’m a DIY’er web girl turned marketing agency BOSS, mom to two little humans plus cat, and wife to a guy most football fans love to hate. This is my space (not to be confused with myspace) to share about running a business, trying not to mess up our kids, and leaning on Jesus (and coffee).


How I can Help

I help Momma's embrace the mess of motherhood, while achieving their goals without sacrificing their sanity

Motherhood is hard (insert also: beautiful, messy and exhausting).  We tend to lose ourselves in the day-end day-out struggle to meet the needs of those around us.

I don't want you to just survive the day, anymore.

Let's work to find out what it is YOU desire for your life. Let's define what you want and how to work for it.

If you are already thinking, you do not have the time or energy right now, then this is for you.    Excuses end here.

you were made for more.

therefore you can handle more.


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Products that remind me of who I am and who I'm made to be.  Each item has been hand-picked and designed by me.  Only items that share love, encouragement and of course laughs!


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