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hey there!

I'm Jen

I’m a DIY’er web girl-turned marketing agency BOSS, a lover of automations, a creator of process solutions, and a business strategist.

I’m also a mom to two little humans (plus a cat) and wife to a guy most football fans love to hate. This is my space (not to be confused with myspace) to share about running a business, trying not to mess up our kids, leaning on Jesus (and coffee) and helping business owners avoid burnout by optimizing their business digitally.


How I can Help

There are three things I love to talk about basically 24/7… Jesus, Business and how I’m on a mission to be an optimized human being.  I believe we are made for a purpose and I want to help those who are wanting to grow. Whether it’s faith, business or life in general I’m here to share the ups and downs of it all.

Right Now I'm Offering

Business Strategy

“Business Strategy '' seems too vague, really what I do is work with a business owner for a set time frame to help them implement processes that allow their business to work without them.

This includes a lot of peeking behind the curtain on operations,
financial, marketing and digging into their goals.

Inner Circle

Motherhood is hard (insert also: beautiful, messy and exhausting).  We tend to lose ourselves in the day-in, day-out struggle to meet the needs of those around us. I don't want you to just survive the day anymore. Let's work to find out what YOU desire for your life. Let's define what you want and how to work for it.

If you are already thinking “Jen, I don’t have the time or energy right now,” this message is for you: Excuses end here. Let’s embrace the mess together and find a solution.

Latest from the Blog

Setting the Table for Gratitude: Crafting a Thankful Workplace Feast

November means crisp air, vibrant fall colors and a perfect opportunity to reflect on gratitude. It’s a virtue instilled in my soul from childhood and in the church. I try my hardest to never take anything for granted: whether it’s the air in my lungs, my beautiful family, my treasured friendships, or the company I…


Ditch the Mom Guilt

In the relentless juggling act of motherhood and entrepreneurship, there’s a lurking shadow that can suck the joy out of both roles. It’s a haunting presence that reminds us of every perceived imperfection, every missed soccer game, and every bedtime story replaced by exhaustion.  That’s right, friend. I’m talking about Mom Guilt. It’s a weighty…

Networking Magic: How to Grow Your Dream Client List

Networking Magic: How to Grow Your Dream Client List

I was recently asked, “Jen, I’ve worked so hard building my online presence: my blog is established, I’m sending out emails, I’ve gotten a couple clients booked in, but I want MORE. What should I do to grow my customer base?”  My immediate response was “who have you had a conversation with?”  I don’t mean…


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