Give Yourself

Some Grace

Listen, I know you want to have a clean home, make six figures, drop off the cutest pinterest snack at preschool, work-out, drink water and have dinner on the table… or is that just me?

You Ain't Jesus

We are NOT perfect.


That's why I created this space. I’m a recovering perfectionist embracing the mess. I’m here to pull back the curtain on my day-to-day thoughts, struggles and triumphs. I hope you can find comfort in knowing if I can, YOU CAN!

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hey there!

I'm Jen

As I mentioned above, I'm a recovering perfectionist. But I do not fake things very well, so trying to appear as though I “had it all together” never worked for me. I launched my business as a freelance web designer in 2011. Since then I moved my biz 350 miles from where it was birthed and met and married the man of my heart’s desire (even after giving up on love).

In business, I’ve scaled, then stalled, worked late nights, prayed for income, worked for peanuts, and on and on. If you are here because you are tired of your business being the thing you come to resent rather than the thing that ‘sets you free’ then you are in the right place.

Within a few short years, I turned my humble freelance business into a full-service Marketing Agency. We are a small but mighty global team that, I’m proud to say, I get the opportunity to lead.

Trying to be present in my kiddos’ lives (they are exhausting, wonderful creatures), be a supportive, loving wife, while managing a team and growing a profitable business is HARRDDDD.

But with hard work, dedication (and a lot of coffee), I was able to formulate a plan that worked for me. And I'm ready to share my secret to success with you!

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My real secret: I lean on Jesus and Coffee as my life support.

For the entrepreneur:

  • Mindsets that hold you back and how to shift them. 
  • How to hire.
  • Creating a team culture (no matter if it’s in person or virtual).
  • Team management.
  • How to market your business.
  • Automations (How to nearly automate yourself out of your business).
  • How to grow your side hustle.
  • Defining and accomplishing goals.
  • Time management.

For the Everyday Life:

  • Achieving goals with little humans at home.
  • Time management.
  • Home management (routines shall set you free!).
  • My best tips and hacks for traveling with kids.
  • Encouragement - because mommying isn’t easy.
  • Recipes.
  • Favorite Products.
  • My faith (because what is a testimony if we don’t share it?) 

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