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Networking Magic: How to Grow Your Dream Client List

Networking Magic: How to Grow Your Dream Client List

I was recently asked, “Jen, I’ve worked so hard building my online presence: my blog is established, I’m sending out emails, I’ve gotten a couple clients booked in, but I want MORE. What should I do to grow my customer base?”  My immediate response was “who have you had a conversation with?”  I don’t mean…


Productivity 101: How to Maximize Your Time When the School Bell Rings

Close your eyes and imagine if you will: it’s a Monday morning. Your agenda is packed. Your coffee is still hot. Your outfit is rockin’. And you are ready to crush the day! But something (or someONE) is missing. Listen! No one is tugging at your arm, begging for a snack. There’s no arguing over…


Defeating the Imposter in Your Head

Do you ever feel like you’re just not good enough? I know. That’s a really deep thought, but I want you to pinpoint all of the outstanding accomplishments in your life and ask yourself: are you unworthy of praise and accolades? Do you feel like you’re faking it in your business? If you answered “yes,”…