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It Takes a Village

A rare photo. What behind the scenes of running a biz looks like. Curled up in the corner of a coffee shop until close working through tasks list, emails, managing the team and hugging a cup of coffee.What’s not shown is the long day with sick kiddos, Med check visits...

Just Show Up and Give Thanks

Here's the thing, Momlife is hard.  It can feel overwhelming at times.  I've found ways to let myself off the hook of feeling guilty and looking at ways to be thankful for the "right now".  Tonight I crept into my kiddos room, just like every night. I sleep better knowing...

Welcome Back: A Re-introduction

Here we are! Two domains and two years later I’m restarting this blog baby.  It comes with 80% hesitation and 20% excitement. The only reason this post is live is because my fellow lady boss/ rockstar mom/ accountability buddy is meeting with me.  It is 10pm. We just finished catching...


Raney Day Talks

Grab your coffee and let’s talk business. How to grow it, how to sustain it and how to harness the wonderful world wide web to do it.

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