Win the Day by Creating Your Own Morning Routine

Do you have a hard time checking off your task list?  Are you struggling to divide time between work, family and fun? Then let’s fix it! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how important routines are in all aspects of my life. Routines actually help me to be a better person….

Negative Nancy

How to Fight Negative Nancy

There is no room for a Negative Nancy over here! How do you keep her in check? I’ll tell you how I do! Start Your Daily Gratitude Practice Drop me your email and I’ll send you my Goals & Gratitude worksheet (of course for free!). Take it, print it or use your tablet! I like…


I’m living on purpose

Is it just me or is anyone else uber emotional?  Easter was tough.  I mean, it was good… but tough!  Today was the first time I wasn’t in church followed by a huge Easter dinner with family.  I keep saying “we are the church” not the building. Buttttt it is tough.  I miss family.  I…

Momlife is hard

Just Show Up and Give Thanks

Here’s the thing, Momlife is hard.  It can feel overwhelming at times.  I’ve found ways to let myself off the hook of feeling guilty and looking at ways to be thankful for the “right now”.  Tonight I crept into my kiddos room, just like every night. I sleep better knowing they are passed out in…