Embrace the Stress of the Holiday Season

The holiday hustle and bustle is real, my friend! Are you like me?  Phew! It’s a lot. But it’s so important to slow down and embrace the season, because it’s truly just that: a season. It will come and go. I’m learning to be still and let God take over. I truly believe He will…


How to Survive Traveling with Babies and Young Children

Taking to the skies or hitting the road can be stressful enough, thanks to rules, regulations and restrictions. Add a baby to the mix and traveling can be downright intimidating. But guess what, mama? It doesn’t have to be! My kids (now ages 8 and almost 6) can: Sure, we still have our challenges, but…


Win the Day by Creating Your Own Morning Routine

Do you have a hard time checking off your task list?  Are you struggling to divide time between work, family and fun? Then let’s fix it! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how important routines are in all aspects of my life. Routines actually help me to be a better person….

Going back to normal

Getting Life Back to Normal

You remember that time when we did not say “before Covid”?  2 years after and I still hear people say, “yea back before covid…”  Then followed by, “Now that things are getting back to normal…”. And you, like me, have probably said, “I can’t wait for things to go back to normal”.Am I right?Let’s hit…

Working from home with kids blog

What’s Your “Work from Home” situation?

*Just a quick note: Before you jump into this post, this was originally sent to my email list during COVID 2020.  In the midst of the quarantine, someone in our Facebook community asked the question, regarding tips for working from home. Of course, I started typing away.  But… I never turned it into a post…

letter of encouragement to mommas

Whatever you are called…

This year, on Mother’s Day I wanted to send a little love to the Momma’s on my email list, then talk to the ones that weren’t but wanted to be.  Then I wanted to talk to those that knew that wasn’t for them. But that’s a lot of emotions. So I decided to share this……

Working from Home Guide

Working From Home With Kids (Jen’s Way)

Friend, it’s time that I ‘go there’… We’ve been home quarantined now for at least a week.   Have you truly gotten any work done?  A lovely friend in our FB group posed the question, roughly: “Jen, I need tips on working from home.”  It got me thinking, who else is either on the struggle bus…


It Takes a Village

A rare photo. What behind the scenes of running a biz looks like. Curled up in the corner of a coffee shop until close working through tasks list, emails, managing the team and hugging a cup of coffee. What’s not shown is the long day with sick kiddos, Med check visits and camped out in…


Welcome Back: A Re-introduction

Here we are! Two domains and two years later I’m restarting this blog baby.  It comes with 80% hesitation and 20% excitement. The only reason this post is live is because my fellow lady boss/ rockstar mom/ accountability buddy is meeting with me.  It is 10pm. We just finished catching up and going through a…