Getting Life Back to Normal

You remember that time when we did not say “before Covid”?  2 years after and I still hear people say, “yea back before covid…”  Then followed by, “Now that things are getting back to normal…”. And you, like me, have probably said, “I can’t wait for things to go back to normal”.

Am I right?

Let’s hit pause real quick.  What really was happening before this pandemic hit?  Have you really evaluated how you were showing up in your life?  Because for me, I realized… didn’t care for her much.  I mean, yea, things were “ok” but is that really the best I can do?  Then, 2021 when we were able to “go back to normal” that year was hard.  Correction, HARD.  All caps worthy of HARD especially in the business I own and operate. 

2020 I was getting complacent.  Comfortable even.  And after being home with the kiddos I know I was going through the motions with them.  (If you are nodding your head as you follow along then stay with me…) I was not pushing the boundaries of what I could do to become the woman I’m called to be.

Do you know why we yearn to go back to “normal”? 

Could it be because normal was safe? 

Reread that and let it sink in.

Back to normal

After evaluating what that normal is, was it really that good for you?  Was the habits you were keeping working for you?  What about the relationships you were in?  The work you were doing?

Normal feels safe, but that safe space may not be GOOD for you.

That is why you can’t make me go back to normal.  I don’t want normal.  I want more.  More for my marriage. More for my children. More for my company.  More for YOU.  More for ME. That is why I declared this year, 2022 “Increase”.

I prayed God would bring on the increase!

Increase in my capacity to love.  

Increase in our financials.  

Increase for new projects and new clients.

Increase in the quality time spent with my kids.  

Increase of dates with my husband.  

Shoot, I even prayed for increase in lessons learned so I could get those out of the way.

All of it!  I laid it all out there at His feet.  Because I refused to be feeling the same way at the end of 2022 as I did in 2021.

So, no I don’t want normal.  I cringe at “normal”.  I do not want to miss any opportunity to reset my focus and reorder my priorities.

If I got that fire in your belly lit, and you are thinking, “Ok Jen, Now what?”

How not to get back to normal

  1. Revisit your goals for this year (you may have called those resolutions…).  Are they really a priority NOW.  It’s ok to adjust your goals to mirror your current focus.  Ask yourself WHY do I need to adjust.  The WHY needs to be concrete so you do not change it again and again.  
  2. Listen to this episode and map out your goals. When I walk through “Destination Happy Place” DO IT. It will feel woo woo at first, but TRUST me, just do it.  This is crucial and if you are struggling here DO NOT HESITATE to contact me.
  3. Start a daily gratitude practice.  Every day take a few minutes (morning or night) to write down 3-5 things that happened in the last 24hrs you are grateful for. The key is to be specific. I’m thankful for strong coffee like the next momma, but looking for specific feelings and scenarios will help to shift your mindset.
  4. Pull out your calendar and block out 60 min to work on [insert a goal that you mapped out in #2 here].  And if you tell me you don’t have time, B.S.  (Whew! That may have sounded harsh but I wanted your attention.  Girl, you gotta get a grip on your day.  Even with little kids at home.  I will help you to get creative in finding 60 min.  Comment on this post or find me on social and DM me “Get me 60 min” and I’ll help you.
  5. Now, picture a perfect morning. What time do you get up? What happens when your feet hit the floor?  What are the things that would make you feel good if you did it?  MAKE A LIST.
  6. Tomorrow, set your alarm and do #5. If it all doesn’t happen, no worries we will try again the next day. Then the next day, then the next day. Until we make it a habit.

If you’ve made it this far then bravo! That means you want to see changes in your lift and I’M HERE FOR IT!

We have the ability change!!

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