Welcome Back: A Re-introduction

Here we are! Two domains and two years later I’m restarting this blog baby.  It comes with 80% hesitation and 20% excitement. The only reason this post is live is because my fellow lady boss/ rockstar mom/ accountability buddy is meeting with me.  It is 10pm. We just finished catching up and going through a list of items to update on our social media accounts. We both own businesses but want more. Both feel called for more.  To say things have changed since my last post on Officially Official’s Wife is an understatement. That is exactly why I’ve titled this post Welcome Back: A Re-introduction.

The Blog.

I can’t help it.  I have such a desire to hold a space on the web that is my creative outlet.  A place to share life, to capture the feels of running a business, the kids growing up and all the beautiful messy things that pop up. I can’t stay away from it. The struggle to launch again is REAL though.  “Can I keep it up?” “Do I have time?” and of course… “What will people think?” After many weekly meetings with my fellow mom boss, talking about launching my personal website, it is time to put my fingers to the keyboard.

My vision for this space is to write about how hard it is to write.  How uncomfortable it is to put myself out on social media. The ups and downs of figuring out how to run a business, take care of the house, be a mom and still be a loving, supportive wife.  Even though I want to share our life, I’m constantly battling my own inner critique. The only way I know how to face that, is head on. I tell clients constantly to “just post”, because doing something is better than nothing.  That I can work with something.  But if they don’t post, I have nothing to work with.

The fact is, every time I pop up on this blog and see the standard “Hello There” default post it makes me cringe.

If you see typos in this post, oh well.  I tried. If you see run ons and fragments, well, I did try.  It will get better over time. I believe that. Finding my voice here in this space will take time.  For so long I identified with the labels I proudly put on (wife, mom, biz owner, etc). Each blog was designated to one of those labels.  This blog is different. This blog I’m laying them all out. I’m not defined by the quirky brand of my business. I’m not just a proud mom and wife.  There are no rules here.

What I hope happens in the months, years to come, is not about you, but about me.  That feels very selfish to re-reading that sentence… but that is the truth. This is FOR me.

Hopefully, I don’t embarrass my husband too badly in the process :).

*Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, I'm not Jesus and I'm not perfect. These are my experiences. You must do what's best for you and your family. You do you, but you must consult your own medical experts.
The information on this website and all associated social media accounts is not intended to be used as health, fitness, mental health or medical advice. I am not a doctor nor a registered dietitian. If  you have a health, medical or mental health problem or are in need of any help, please contact a professional. ALWAYS consult your doctor before taking any vitamins/supplements or starting a new diet or exercise program.

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