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This year, on Mother’s Day I wanted to send a little love to the Momma’s on my email list, then talk to the ones that weren’t but wanted to be.  Then I wanted to talk to those that knew that wasn’t for them.

But that’s a lot of emotions.

So I decided to share this…  no matter what your title is, you have a job to do.  That might sound silly but hear me out.  As a mother, that job takes all forms.  I’m a cook, taxi service, teacher, cleaner, and sometimes I feel like a warden (haha).   Most importantly I feel we’ve been charged to shepherd these little humans.  We are given this role to shape them and direct them to be good human beings.  To show them love and how to love others. So, Momma, this letter of encouragement started with you in mind. But as I start to dissect the roles of motherhood, it can take shape as another role.

That to me also translates into being a leader.

You are a leader.  That means others are watching.  They might be little humans, employees, friends and/or family but there are eyes on you.

Friend, don’t take that lightly.

Your actions matter.  And I know, that can be exhausting.  Constantly being the example.  Constantly giving parts of you, sometimes all of you.  Encouraging, loving, disciplining, guiding… It’s a lot.

But sweet friend, IT ALL MATTERS.


And maybe you didn’t have someone tell you today, that you are special.

You are special.

You are loved.

And you MATTER.

With love,

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