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How to Transition Fully into 2021

This year was HARD! There is no doubt about that. Friend, if you are ready to usher a new year in then you can’t hold on to what has happened. What this the vid and keep reading. As I mentioned, you have to let go of what did NOT SERVE you in 2020 to fully…
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Negative Nancy

How to Fight Negative Nancy

There is no room for a Negative Nancy over here! How do you keep her in check? I’ll tell you how I do! Start Your Daily Gratitude Practice Drop me your email and I’ll send you my Goals & Gratitude worksheet (of course for free!). Take it, print it or use your tablet! I like…
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What's holding you back

What is Holding You Back from Posting on Social?

Hi. Hi. All right, Jennifer Sakowski here and this is our first coffee and bites chat. And today’s topic is all about what is holding us back on talking on social. What is it that is holding us back from sharing our promotions, more about ourselves, building that authority online? It’s if you’re like me,…
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Working from Home Guide

Working From Home With Kids (Jen’s Way)

Friend, it’s time that I ‘go there’… We’ve been home quarantined now for at least a week.     Have you truly gotten any work done?    A lovely friend in our FB group posed the question, roughly: “Jen, I need tips on working from home.”    It got me thinking, who else is either on…
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It Takes a Village

A rare photo. What behind the scenes of running a biz looks like. Curled up in the corner of a coffee shop until close working through tasks list, emails, managing the team and hugging a cup of coffee. What’s not shown is the long day with sick kiddos, Med check visits and camped out in…
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Welcome Back: A Re-introduction

Here we are! Two domains and two years later I’m restarting this blog baby.  It comes with 80% hesitation and 20% excitement. The only reason this post is live is because my fellow lady boss/ rockstar mom/ accountability buddy is meeting with me.  It is 10pm. We just finished catching up and going through a…
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